Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter at the “Spider-Man: No Way Home” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on December 14, 2021

A salute to Benedict Cumberbatch and the art of dressing genre-appropriate; a topic near and dear to our hearts – as in, we just got done writing about it extensively in the Tom and Zendaya post. First, let’s note how he gave us the full Marvel effect, insofar as B Cum will allow it on a red carpet:


The suit is the standard semi-formal blah-blah-blah in the Hiddleston/Cumberbatch mode: basic menswear in either black or navy blue with a matching tie and a white shirt. What makes it notable is how slick and showy (for him) the styling is. To make our point, let’s revisit the premieres of the other two films he released in this very busy season. Note that for the premiere of The Electrical Life of Louis Wain,” the quirky independent film about the quirky Victorian artist with the sad backstory, he dressed up like some sort of Boho art teacher character. Note that for the premiere of The Power of the Dog, the Oscar-buzzy Jane Campion film with what some have called his best performance to date, he wore the same standard-issue suit he’s wearing here, but kept everything else low-key. Here, he’s got the RDJ shades, the slick coif, and the exquisitely trimmed facial hair of a top-tier MCU actor, strutting his way through a Disney-funded premiere extravaganza. We’ve got to give him credit. He’s not much of a risk-taker (that art teacher smock aside), but he does know how to interpret the red carpet of each project without literally going into cosplay.



She looks lovely. She’s pretty much the standard-setter of how the spouse of a star can dress red carpet-ready and true to their preferences and comfort level (she has an extremely consistent style) while making it clear that the spotlight is for their better half. She always projects the confidence of someone who knows herself and isn’t fussed by this venue.



[Photo Credit: Robinlori/, Media Punch/]

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