Jon Bernthal at “The Unforgivable” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on December 01, 2021

A question of high import needs to be answered immediately, kittens. Is Jon Bernthal kind of making the dreaded brown suit look hot or is it just that Jon Bernthal is himself hot and thus makes fits hotter just by putting them on? Scroll down and consider the evidence:



Just kidding. The answer is that he’s hot.

The suit isn’t terrible in theory, but those puddling pants are boner-killers, we have to say. The effect is made worse by the cut of the jacket, which is kind of snug on him. We suspect he wanted the benefits of a skinny suit up top without submitting to the skinny suit pants on the bottom. The choice of shirt is interesting in terms of color, but we look at the wide lapels and shiny stripes of that suit and can’t help concluding it needs something a little funkier than Jon’s willing to wear.

Also, we’ll be the sniffy homosexuals who suggest that if you’re going to be serving that much thickneck at us (we’re not complaining), either go full beard or shave it clean, please.


Style Credits:

Styled by Ilaria Urbinati | Grooming by Kim Verbeck


[Photo Credit: RobinLori/, ABACA USA/]

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