Pop Style Opinionfest: Our Year-End List of the Best Films and Shows of 2021

Posted on December 17, 2021

Darlings, for our final podcast of 2021, we did the only thing that makes sense to us (besides whining about all of the ways the year was a letdown), we took a look at all of the movies and TV shows released in the last 12 months and each came up with our Top Three for both categories, which must jostling and bargaining to make sure we didn’t have identical picks and who got the claim which entry for their list. Then, because of the aforementioned jostling and bargaining, we each gave our three picks for honorable mention.

But before we get to all of that, we simply had to talk about one of the entries on one of the lists, the recently released Last Night in Soho, which we just got to screen this week. Without spoiling a bit of it, we get into why the first 70 or so minutes of the film approach masterpiece filmmaking but the last 45 minutes of it tend to be so much of a disappointment that it’s hard for us to make a recommendation to go see it.




And after all of THAT, we of course have plenty to say about the latest episode of And Just Like That, including why the show’s sense of nostalgia and fan service is really working for us and why the attempts to diversify are landing so clumsily and coming off like something from an entirely different show.


And after ALL of THAT, we tell you how much we love you for listening and supporting us all year.


[Photo Credit: HBO, Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Studios, Apple TV+, A24]

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