Victoria Beckham Promotes Her Beauty Line in NYC

Posted on October 15, 2021

Vicki Posh has been gallivanting all over the city this week and it feels like it’s 2015 and we’re young again. It’s just some classic sidewalk sashaying as she makes her way through a series of promotional appearances for her beauty line, but what can we say? We love a lady with effortless style. We highlighted one of her goofier looks of the past week, but that ensemble feels like something of an outlier. This post is more about admiring the overall vibe of her style, which has been classic, simple, and monochromatic.



None of these looks ask for any sort of in-depth assessment because that’s not what they’re about. Like we said: simple, classic, vibes. This is as generic as two garments can get, but the silhouette and proportions are great for her. She looks fantastic in high-waisted flared pants.



This is the only look here that produces a shrug in us. It’s fine. It’s no more generic than the other two looks, but to us, this is the dullest of the three – which is really ironic, considering how often we’ve begged stars to wear bold colors and stay away from neutrals. But Vicki is largely all about that restraint that Coco Chanel used to say was the defining quality of chicness. Maybe that’s why this doesn’t appeal as much. The bag and dress are showier than her usual style.



She really is at her best when she’s working this sort of “British Jackie O” look. Given how much the Duchess of Sussex loves monochromatic neutrals, classic styles, and wearing pants, we’re surprised she hasn’t tapped Vicki for some style guidance. She was at your wedding, girl.  Surely, you’ve got her number.




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