Jessica Chastain in Gucci at “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” Rome Premiere

Posted on October 15, 2021

Y’know, Miss Jessica’s style instincts occasionally lead her down some questionable paths and if we had to name the one reason for that, we’d have to say that she has tastes that sometimes run toward the tacky. We think she’s someone who really likes dramatic and colorful fashion and she isn’t a girl who’d say no to some heavy sparkle when it’s presented to her. We would be drummed out of the bitchy gay bloggers guild if we even pretended like that was a problem for us. This puts her in a similar position to someone who likes to take avant-garde risks with their fashion. It’s good and fine that you’re a risk-taker or a sparkle girl, but the downside is that occasionally, your risks won’t pay off or your love of glitz winds up looking cheap. The point is that we actually love that Jessica Chastain refuses to be dull in her style choices, even if we only like said choices fifty percent of the time. This is all a long preamble (that 75% of readers scrolled right past to get to the shots) to our main point, which is this:




We think it paid off this time. This is bold, eye-catching, and extremely photogenic. It ticks off every box on her style checklist (color, texture, sparkle, a dramatic sweeping feel, and a cutout). Most notable to us: it’s challenging, in small ways. The line across the waist isn’t our favorite element and the garment borders on being over-textured, if there’s such a thing. The heavy neckline feels a little incongruous with the rest of it, and we think the bodice could’ve been lined better. There. That’s the nitpicking out of the way. We still love it, though. It just doesn’t look like any dress we’ve seen this year and that alone is reason enough. We also think it just so happens to look amazing on her.


Style Credits:
Custom Gucci Crystal-embellished Sleeveless Gown with Cutout Detailing

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by Christian Wood | Makeup by Mary Greenwell


[Photo Credit: IPA/]

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