“Foundation” Star Lee Pace for Esquire Magazine

Posted on September 24, 2021

Esquire interviewed Lee Pace the star of the highly anticipated show “Foundation” which premieres today 9/24 on Apple TV+. More below on his “Daddy” status and the possibility of “Pushing Daisies” returning!





On fans calling him an “Intergalactic Emperor Daddy”: “I’m deeply flattered. My mother would be so proud.”

On being a climate optimist: “I feel like, hopefully, some of us during Covid have had the experience of a way of life that doesn’t involve overconsumption and all the things that we know we should be a bit more mindful about, but we’re spoiled, so we can’t help ourselves.”

On the possible return of Pushing Daisies“I mean, we always joke about it, fantasize about it. I know [creator] Bryan [Fuller]’s told me his ideas for it, and they sound so cool. Everyone’s busy doing different things. I would love to be with everyone again. Yeah, I mean I’m game for it.”


Style Credits:
Image 1: Coat by Gucci | Tank by Gap | Jeans by Levi’s
Image 2: Coat, Sweater and Trousers by Giorgio Armani | Watch by Tudor
Image 3: Coat and Jeans by Polo by Ralph Lauren


[Photo Credit: Jennifer Livingston/Esquire Magazine]

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