Pop Style Opinionfest: Cringe TV vs. Earnest TV: “Ted Lasso,” “The White Lotus” and “Schmigadoon!”

Posted on August 13, 2021


That’s right, darlings! It’s an (almost) ALL TV PSO as we give our thoughts on a bunch of shows that are great, but hard to recommend to people for various reasons.

BUT FIRST: You can’t POSSIBLY think we’d let the stories about non-bathing celebrities go by without commentary, can you? In the words of Cher the Lesser, AS IF. We have PUH-LENTY to say about smelly stars and their privileged takes on hygiene.

Then it’s off to TV Land, as first, Tom gets on a bandwagon long after everyone else jumped off it and raves about Dark on Netflix, which wrapped up its three-season run last summer. Tom finally finished it and gushes about why it’s great – if you like that sort of thing.



This is sort of the theme of the episode as we each take our turns raving about Ted Lasso, The White Lotus and Schmigadoon! – and then explain why we’re very reluctant to recommend them to people and why we haven’t reviewed them before now.



It’s very much a “If you like this sort of thing, then this is a thing you’ll like” television, and whether you come down on the cringe side or the earnest side, some of these shows may not be your thing at all.



[Photo Credit: Applet TV+, Mario Perez/HBO]

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