Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Bridget Moynahan on the Set of “And Just Like That”

Posted on July 20, 2021

Oh, they’re replaying all the old hits, then. Bridget Moynihan has joined the cast of the Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That. Unless they’re attempting to pull off some daytime soap evil twin plot twist, we think it’s safe to assume she’s back as Mr. Big’s second wife Natasha (“What a bullshit name.”).


These are some of the better costumes we’ve seen on the cast since they started shooting. There’s an easy trap of clowning these women up, in ever more bright, bold and telegenic fashion. The danger is that you lose all sense of character, story and nuance when the costumes dominate every scene. We’d argue that was a major problem with the films. These looks are cute and give the cinematic impression (as opposed to the hard reality) of being relatively practical and wearable.

As for the return of Natasha, we suppose there could be an interesting take on aging in a city like New York, where your entire romantic and sexual past is co-habitating on a relatively small patch of land. We suspect, however, that it will be a rather lame “That bitch is trying to steal my husband” redux. There is reported to be a leaked script with some details that fill in the blanks here, but we won’t spoil it. You can read about it here. If it’s true, it doesn’t really bug us, given the history of the characters.


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