Pop Style Opinionfest: “Jungle Cruise,” Bad Gucci Accents and Hollywood Nepotism

Posted on July 30, 2021

Kittens, we couldn’t let a little thing like OUR FIRST VACATION ON FIRE ISLAND SINCE THE GODDAMN BEFORE TIMES prevent us from serving up the usual festival of opinions. So we hunkered down in the guest bedroom, closed the windows, turned off the ceiling fan and leaned into the one little microphone we packed and… well, we spewed opinions, of course.

First up, Tom simply had to give the floor to Lorenzo to rant about one of his recurring bugaboos: when (mostly mainstream Hollywood) movies set in other countries force the actors to speak in accented English even though we’re all supposed to believe they’re speaking their native tongue. This was, of course, spurred on by the fabulously campy (if potentially questionable) trailer for Lady Gaga’s Oscar snatch, The House of Gucci, which featured a string of Americans playing native Italians inexplicably speaking English to each other with thick accents. You’ll just have to listen to him go off to get why it bugs him so much.

Then, it’s a non-spoilery and mostly negative review of Disney’s Jungle Cruise, starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson. With the full admission that we’re not the intended audience for this film (but the acknowledgement that we were able to positively review other Disney films that weren’t intended for us), we have to say very little of the film truly worked for us. You will, of course, have to listen in to hear why.

And finally, another minor rant erupts when we tackle the issue of nepotism, privilege and racism in the entertainment industry; a topic that blew up this week when it was pointed out that Steven Spielberg’s daughter directing a film starring Sean Penn’s son and written by Stephen King’s son is about as prime an example of Hollywood nepotism enforcing an all-white power structure as you’ll find. This did not sit well with various famous people who have famous parents and we do what? RANT AT ALL OF THEM.


But we promise it’s a happy, fun time, despite all the ranting, darlings! And thank you for listening once again.


[Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios, MGM]

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