The “House of Gucci” Character Posters with Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons & Lady Gaga

Posted on July 29, 2021

Time for a little bit of alta moda fabulousness, legendary character actors, and a makeup job that will probably get nominated for awards but never should have happened.



















As we said while this film was in production and setting the pandemic-anxious world on fire, House of Gucci is either going to be a masterpiece or a camp classic. There is no middle option. There’s no scenario where it winds up being a “just sort of …there” kind of film. Mediocrity is not on the menu. Personally, we’d be much happier to see this become the sort of Showgirls-esque campfest that spawns an entire generation of bitchy gays, but we imagine everyone involved is more hopeful about its Oscar chances. One thing’s for sure: Miss Stefanie Germanotta has simply never looked so good. The more we look at Jared Leto in that fat suit, prosthetic nose and bald cap, the more offended we become by it. We have to let actors who don’t look like gods or models get work too, especially if the whole point of the character is how normal or schlubby they look. Let Danny DeVito get a crack at an Oscar rather than some makeup artist who turned a former teen pinup into a faux Danny DeVito.



[Photo Credit: Courtesy of MGM]

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