Florence Pugh Promotes “Black Widow” in Versace

Posted on July 13, 2021

Miss Flo’s preference for tiny dresses and bigass footwear has sometimes led her down some dark and rocky roads, stylistically speaking. Perhaps in a fit of post-pandemic largesse, we’ve been uncharacteristically forgiving of her style preferences when they don’t serve her well. We figure she’s young, her star’s rising, and she’s having fun with fashion, which is never a bad thing. Even so, it was only a matter of time before her rather idiosyncratic take on proportions would cause us to snap and serve up a denunciation of Old Testament proportions, as is our nature.

But we can tell you that day is not today. In fact, your girl surprised us. Instead of taking things too far, she managed to get it just right:


That’s honestly kind of adorable. Obviously, it’s not reinventing the wheel. After all, a blonde ingenue getting her Barbie on is practically a Hollywood tradition in at least its seventh decade. But the dress really suits her and the shoes, while not to our tastes, clearly fulfill her love of gigantic clodhoppers. She looks great.



Style Credits:
Versace Ensemble from the Fall 2021 Collection

Styled by Rebecca Corbin-Murray | Hair by Peter Lux | Makeup by Valeria Ferreira


[Photo Credit: Rebecca Corbin-Murray/Instagram/@rebeccacorbinmurray, Courtesy of Versace]

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