Twirling Through It: On Pride: Keep the Kink, Lose the Cops

Posted on June 02, 2021

New newsletter on queerness, Pride and respectability politics:


“In one corner, there’s a vigorous discussion about queer self expression and sexuality and whether a public event is the appropriate place for say, nipple clamps or puppy play. This is a discussion pretty much as old as Pride itself, which is why we find it so dull and boring. Everything that’s been said on the topic has been said and for most queers over a certain age, we would suggest that this question has been long settled. But new generations arise constantly and we would never suggest they can’t have their say. Some of this discussion is being led by younger queers, many of whom find it inappropriate for adults to be engaging in sexual expression around minors. But the heart of the argument is still coming from adults (some in the community, some not) who feel that it behooves the gays to clean up their act, lest they rile the angry straights, who might just decide to take away their hard-fought rights because someone waved a dildo around near a baby stroller or a speedo spanking was witnessed by tweenagers.”


[Picture Credit: Frank Busch]

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