Taylor Swift in Miu Miu at the Brit Awards

Posted on May 12, 2021

Taylor Swift returns to the red carpet and we find ourselves faced with a conundrum.


It’s interesting. No one yelled louder for the return of the red carpet than these two loudmouths, but now that we’re faced with the prospect, we wonder if we have to modify our approach for a little while. There’s no denying that we’re in a weird time and we’re all coming out of an extended period of even further weirdness. There’s also the consideration that Taylor has matured as an artist in the time since the Before Times. We’re saying all this because on the one hand, this is a fairly odd ensemble, but on the other hand, we feel like the times call for a little fashion weirdness if not outright awkwardness, at least for a little while longer.

Besides, it’s not like we hate this. It’s just that the design is incredibly basic with the exception of the one element of interest, which turns out to be kind of tough to pull off. The proportions are off. The way the exposed area is framed, the curving of the waistband and the hem of the top, tends to make her look like she has a belly she doesn’t possess. The whole design makes her look bustier and hippier than she actually is. The beading is pretty and the relatively simple design does suit her, but we wish the exposed midriff had been framed a little better. Even with our quibbles, we can kinda see the thinking behind the choice. It feels like she wanted to do a more restrained form of glamour, which feels right for her at this time.



Style Credits:
Custom Miu Miu Ensemble Made of White Organza Embellished with Sequins and Crystals with a Floral Detailed Patch All Over

Styled by Joseph Cassell Falconer | Hair by Jemma Muradian | Makeup by Lorrie Turk


[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Miu Miu, Getty Images, Taylor Swift/Instagram]

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