Kelly Marie Tran Promotes “Raya and the Last Dragon” in PH5 and Cong Tri

Posted on March 04, 2021


Kelly Marie Tran continues her backyard promotional tour for Raya and the Last Dragon in high, sometimes challenging style. And by “challenging,” we mean it’s both a challenge to pull off and a challenge to look at it and go, “Yep. That’s a killer look.”



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In case it wasn’t clear, this is the “challenging” one. Much as we appreciate her commitment to fashion and her tendency to go toward the edgier stuff, we can’t say we like this design at all. We suspect this is intentional, but at first glance, the design makes it look like she’s in a crop top and her skirt is in the process of falling off her. While it’s a relief to discover that neither is true, the revelation that we’re looking at a fabric the color of “nude” pantyhose does not improve the look. There are too many fabric weights, too many competing whites/tans/beiges, too many textures. In a way, we’re impressed by the design because it really does require a minute or two to take it all in. If we had to pick the dealbreakers for us, it would be the gauzy sleeves attached to a sweater essentially, and the waistline on the skirt. But we really do admire her for going for it with this one.





And now, wholly unchallenging fashion. In a post like this, we’re always loath to overpraise the more basic look after slewing critiques at the edgier one, because we hate giving the impression that we prefer simpler fashion. Even so, it’s hard to argue with the results here. It takes a special talent to make brown pop on camera, but she looks gorgeous here. If we have a quibble, it’s that we think there should be more gold in the accessories.

A reminder that she actually got hounded off social media in part because Star Wars fanboys called her fat and ugly. The mind boggles. She’s an utter stunner and we’re so glad she’s taking this opportunity to remind people of that.


Style Credits:
First Look: PH5 Dress | Ana Khouri Jewelry | Casadei Pump
Second Look: Cong Tri Sleeveless Dress from the Fall 2020 Collection | John Hardy Jewelry | Grace Lee Jewelry | Jimmy Choo Sandal

Styled by Wayman + Micah | Hair by Derek Yuen | Makeup by Hinako


[Photo Credit: Derek Yuen/Instagram, Wayman + Micah/Instagram, Tang Tang/Courtesy of Cong Tri]

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