Prince William and Duchess Kate Visit the Westminster Abbey Vaccination Center

Posted on March 23, 2021

Bill and Cathy Cambridge stepped out to admire and support the work being done at Westminster Abbey’s Covid vaccination center. They kept things appropriately low-key and respectful. Even bitches such as we have to admit that there are plenty of times when fashion critique really isn’t appropriate or called for.



HAVING SAID THAT … it’s a lovely coat. Simple, but with the scalloped edge and the lace overlay, it has some very quiet if not entirely photogenic details.

It’s always too easy to read into such things, but from where we’re sitting, there’s no denying the relatively grim undertone to the senior royal appearances in the past few weeks. For a family so famous for not expressing emotion in public (entire Oscar-winning films and Emmy-winning series have been built solely around the BRF’s emotional coldness and reticence), they sure seem to be reeling from the Harry and Meghan interview – “reeling” in the sense that they’re allowing it to affect their public demeanor at all. There’s no denying the Palace is attempting an ongoing and (for them at least) energetic public relations response. We won’t get into what looks to our jaded American eyes like the sudden appearance of My Black Friend in a lot of sympathetic royal coverage, but it’s interesting that the Palace announced that they’ll be appointing a “Diversity Tsar,” which we guess means something extra when you’re closely related to the last actual Tsar. There’s an open attempt to modernize the monarchy and we wonder who’s really driving it. We suspect William has the reins on this one, because let’s face it; Elizabeth isn’t capable of modernizing the monarchy any more than she already has and Charles is also extremely limited in addressing situations like this. Of course it’s advisors and courtiers who are really driving this PR push, but these things don’t hit the papers without going through someone senior.

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see this unfold. A month ago, we’d have told you that the interview would wind up being a big nothing.



Style Credits:
Catherine Walker ‘Valeria’ Coat
Métier London Bag
Jimmy Choo Shoes


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