Friday Leftovers for the Week of February 7th 2021

Posted on February 12, 2021

We thank and salute all these stars for continuing to do the work of serving us discussable, judgeable style, as God intended them to do. Huzzah, stars. And now, we will do as God intended for us to do. Please step into the judging circle in an orderly manner. Just a couple of pricks and it’ll all be over.



Allison Janney in In The Mood For Love

We hope we don’t get in trouble for saying this, but we feel like she’s gone a little too far into these sorts of respectable mature lady looks. Nothing wrong with being any of those things, but this is a bit more restrained than we’d like to see from her.



Ciara Bravo in Celine

Can’t go wrong with this sort of SoCal rocker chick circa ’78 classic. The tie’s pretty weird, though.




Gabrielle Union in Valentino

Love the shirt and the mules, but we don’t think we can bring ourselves to say anything positive about lace shorts. Sorry, lady.




H.E.R in Stinson Haus

A fabulous patchwork denim safari suit paired with a really odd choice of a footwear. We just don’t see how those pointy-toed things go.



Kate Hudson in Saint Laurent

Somewhat in the same vein as our Allison Janney critique, there’s a point at which low-key just stops looking like a celebrity look anymore. This is fine, but a little too catalog for someone with an active Golden Globe nomination happening.



Lana Condor in Stella McCartney

Her hair looks great and we love that color on her, but we hate the design of the skirt.




Mindy Kaling in Altuzarra

No complaints here. That’s a chic take on tie-dye and that neckline looks amazing on her.




Rebel Wilson

Great shape and color for her but we can’t sign off on the yellow pumps with it.



Regina King in Gucci

Maaaaaybe we could quibble with the unnecessary tie, but it’s hard to find anything real to critique here. She looks great.




SoKo in Your Cavia

She’s been having a lot of fun with her promo style as her new film hits the festival circuit. We can appreciate this choice, even if we don’t particularly love this sort of “pile of laundry” aesthetic.



SoKo in Batsheva

This, on the other hand, we adore. We could do without the lace anklets, but we LOVE those shoes paired with this dress. The totally incongruous neckpiece somehow makes it all work. Don’t ask us to explain it. It’s magic.




[Photo Credit: Mindy Kaling/Instagram, Gabrielle Union-Wade/Instagram, Tara Swennen/Instagram, Vice/Instagram, Samantha McMillen/Instagram, Jared Eng Studios/Instagram, Wayman + Micah/Instagram, Rebel Wilson/Instagram, Sophie Lopez/Instagram]

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