Amanda Gorman, Poet Fabulous, in Moschino at the Super Bowl LV

Posted on February 08, 2021


America’s most fabulous poet made history by being the first poet asked to recite a poem at the yearly Suberb Owl proceedings. Unsurprisingly, if you noticed her at the Biden inauguration (and really, who didn’t?), she showed up to have her say in high, bold style.


We weren’t quite sure about covering her inaugural fashion, but since she signed a modeling contract with IMG, and since the Super Bowl has become more and more of a fashion arena for any stars asked to perform at it, we don’t feel bad giving her a little time in the T Lo Spotlight of Style Judgment.

We can understand why she snagged a modeling contract so quickly. Of course her rising profile and the impression she made at the inauguration has a lot to do with it (fashion LOVES anyone who’s hot at the moment or feels like the Next Thing), but she clearly has crazy fashion skills. We don’t think we’ve seen any star or socialite take the tacky-loud Moschino style and make it seem so elegant – if not downright regal. Of course a crown of pearls helps to sell that feeling of elegance, which is why it’s such a brilliant styling choice. But the color looks great on her and the shiny, blingy parts of the coat just come off like smart stagewear choices in this setting.



Style Credits:
Moschino Blue Floral Embossed Coat Dress with Embellished Metallic Trim from the Spring 2021 Collection

Styled by Jason Bolden


[Photo Credit: NFL via Tom and Lorenzo, Courtesy of Moschino]

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