Pop Style Opinionfest: Golden Globes Snubs and a Model Second Daughter

Posted on February 04, 2021


Now comes our annual tradition of pointing out awards seasons snubs and contradicting ourselves left and right, darling.

You didn’t think the two posts on the Golden Globes nominations were ALL we had to say on the subject, did you? Kittens, please. We spend some time running down the snubs and the undeserving nominations while pointing out the double-sided truth of the matter: These things don’t matter but they also do matter a whole lot. There are very good reasons to treat the Globes in particular as a not-particularly meaningful P.R. competition, just as there are also very  good reasons why the Hollywood Foreign Press Association should be taking a good, hard look at its nominating process and the things it tends to value. With each passing year, the Globes become less influential and less prestigious.



In other news, new fashion icon and Second Daughter Ella Emhoff signed a big-deal modeling contract a week after she made a huge splash during the inauguration. We have some issues with this news and we go into painstaking detail as to why it’s not only okay to note and comment on such things, but that it’s the more responsible, less hypocritical thing to do. What’s our problem? You’ll have to listen!

Also, we’re two gays of a certain age, which means we just can’t stop talking about the upcoming Sex and the City reboot and why it’s a terrible idea that will probably be very popular.



In other words, we’re all over the map! And as always, we’ve got a TON of opinions! Thank you once again for listening to our cartoon voices!


[Photo Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images]

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