WERQ From Home: Michelle Pfeiffer Promotes “French Exit” in Celine

Posted on December 09, 2020

Miss Michelle’s got herself a buzzy performance in a new film to promote and she’s wisely opting to keep the promotional tour style choices simple, boiling down to one simple message. One inarguable point that has been stated many times before in song and verse, but bears repeating. That message?

Michelle Pfeiffer is hot, you guys. In case you forgot. Here. Let her remind you again:


We love the confident simplicity of it all. “Yeah, I’m hot. I’m Michelle Damn Pfeiffer, for crying out loud.” As for this look, it’s ripped straight from the runway:

But it also happens to be the kind of look she likes to wear, given the chance. A blazer, jeans and a blouse have been kind of her go-to for some time. Can’t argue with the choice given the results.





This honestly looks kind of amazing. A Michelle Pfeiffer who doesn’t give a fuck anymore is always the most entertaining form of Michelle Pfeiffer.

Style Credits:
CelinePolka Dot Blouse, Pinstriped Blazer and Jeans from the Fall 2020 Collection


Styled by Samantha McMillen | Hair by Richard Marin | Makeup by Valli O’Reilly


[Photo Credit: Samantha McMillen/Instagram, celine.com]

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