WERQ From Home: Keke Palmer in Aliétte and Dsquared2

Posted on December 08, 2020


Miss Keke’s been hitting the ‘gram in look after look this week, to which we express our bitchy-blogger gratitude. And honestly, even though we’re really not the attention-seeking types, after nine months inside, we’re starting to understand the impulse to get dressed up and pose for pictures just to add some color to the day. Imagine how great that need must be for celebrity types who live in front of cameras. Why, we’re doing them all a personal favor by judging them, really. No need to thank us, celebrity types. You keep putting out looks and we’ll still be here, pursing our lips and arching our eyebrows at them.

For real, though: we would never truly get all that harsh in judging any of these types of at-home looks. It’s just not the same as showing up at Jimmy Fallon’s studio or hitting a red carpet.




For example: do we like this? Not really. And if we WERE being bitches, we might have a few things to say about that skirt, but whatever. Girlfriend’s feeling herself and who are we to complain? Besides, it’s the only look of these three that didn’t set us aflame.




Granted, a teeny-tiny schoolgirl pinafore over a big turtleneck is kind of a strange combination, but damn if she’s not making it work. Of course the kickass boots are doing a lot of the work here. Love the hair and the hoops.


Nana Jacqueline


This is super-cute and it’s one of those looks we should point to when we talk about stars dressing holiday appropriate even if they’re living in sunny SoCal. This feels like a really cute holiday party look for less-than-chilly weather. LOVE the shoes.



Style Credits:
First Look: Aliétte Ensemble from the Fall 2020 Collection | Jennifer Fisher Jewelry | Jimmy Choo Shoes
Second Look: Dsquared2 Ensemble from the Spring 2020 Couture Collection | Raven Fine Jewelry | Vrai Jewelry | By Far Boots
Third Look: Nana Jacqueline Cardigan and Shorts | Raven Fine Jewelry | Vrai Jewelry | By Far Bag | Jimmy Choo Shoes

Styled by Mikiel Benyamin | Hair by JStayReady | Makeup by Cherish Brooke Hill


[Photo Credit: Keke Palmer/Instagram, aliette.com, dsquared2.com, nanajacqueline.com]

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