The Cambridge Royal Train Tour BIG FINALE

Posted on December 09, 2020

Surprise guest stars! Carolers! More fine British outerwear than we’ve ever featured on our site in one post! Bill and Cathy Cambridge wound up their (already controversial) royal train tour with a big, splashy visit to Granny Betty’s house, along with a good deal of the rest of the senior royals. The Queen wept softly at the sight of her missed family members and blamed Boris Johnson for taking away her Christmas hugs. Haha, no. Not really.


But she was clearly happy to see a chunk of her clan all in one place, as any of us would be this year.


It’s nice coats, so we won’t spend too much time assessing. Prince Edward and Sophie are (not surprisingly) blending into the background in their Christmas beiges and browns. Princess Anne’s sporting a sturdy and classic piece that she’s probably had since 1968. Camilla… bless her heart, there’s a reason we don’t get into featuring the larger royal family more often. Every once in a while she hits the mark, but for the most part, we’ve never loved her choice of silhouette for herself and we think sometimes her preference for rich jewel tones overwhelms her. We do like the rich royal purple of this coat, but we hate the tent-like shape of it. We don’t think she has to wear something super-fitted, since that’s clearly not her preference, but she goes for these triangle-shaped styles more often than not. Love the boots, though. It would seem the Duchess of Cornwall can still handle a pretty substantial heel.


The Queen looks dazzling, of course. As she should. The literal and figurative center of attention, in an outerwear ensemble that’s both thematically as on-point as it can get and ensures that she’s standing out for the crowd and the cameras, as she has done her whole reign. She’s so Christmassy and so Her Majesty that she’s like an English Mrs. Claus.


Charles and William? Whatever. The former has always been stylish in the sense that he has a distinct personal style that has aged into a classic sort of look. He’s the sharpest of the men here. William has always been less stylish than his father and always shows up looking like a lawyer. It was reported that he was heard saying “Bye, Gran,” as they departed, which is honestly pretty adorable.


Cathy’s worn this green Catherine Walker before. The faux fur collar is a nice touch, giving it a classic richness (without courting a hint of controversy, as is the Cathy way of doing all things). Her earrings are gorgeous.


Heppy Christmas!


Style Credits:
Catherine Walk Green Coat
Troy London Faux Fur Lapel Collar
Amaia London Mask
Alexander McQueen Clutch
Ralph Lauren Collection Suede Boots


[Photo Credit: Glyn Kirk/Pa Images/]

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