Friday Leftovers for the Week of November 29th 2020

Posted on December 04, 2020


The blessings continue to flow, as each week seems to serve us just a little bit more celebrity attention-seeking via fashion; enough for us to compile a folder of “We’ll get to that later,” looks. Well, it’s later. Put your judging pants on and walk with us.


Ariana DeBose in Louis Vuitton

We tried really hard with this one, but no matter how we look at it, the bottom and top halves just don’t go together. Love that bottom half, though.




Bella Heathcote in Chanel

Meh. You’re lucky the pickins were so slim this week, lady.




Dua Lipa in Rick Owens

Can’t fault a pop diva for working some huge-ass rock-and-roll boots. We can’t see much of the rest of the outfit given her posing, but it kind of doesn’t matter. It’s all about the footwear action.



Gillian Jacobs in Self-Portrait

She puts together these perfectly cohesive, thematically consistent, coordinated-to-within-an-inch ensembles and she comes out wearing a totally different style each time. She’s like a real live American Girl doll. This is cute, is what we’re trying to say here. Eye-catching and stylish. Precious? Oh, YES. But she can handle it. Those white laces are are questionable, though.


Gwen Stefani in Cong Tri

It’s like she heard us say she has a pretty consistent brand and decided to fuck with us personally. Not that this doesn’t suit her, but we would never have predicted she’d step out in flared pants.


Heidi Klum in The Frankie Shop

We don’t love the matching boots, but the rest of this looks pretty fantastic on her.




Isla Fisher in Zimmermann

She’s got quite the little sugar-encrusted Disney joint dropping today, which makes this sort of over-the-top hyper-romanticism perfectly on point for the moment. It feels a little more summer than winter holiday, but maybe she’s on Australian time.



Kelly Clarkson in Bronx and Banco

Honey, we love you, but no. Absolutely not.



Kelly Rowland in Christian Wijnants

Those pants don’t look remotely practical and were probably stretched out of shape within minutes of taking this picture, but she got the effect she wanted. It’s a swaddling outfit, basically.



Lily Collins in Dior

She wore this to sit down for Jimmy Kimmel via Zoom, which is an INSANE level of commitment. She’s treated her 2020 fashion as if 2020 isn’t happening, dressing for the red carpet and the TV studio, even though she’s not hitting either of them. Respect.


Priyanka Chopra Jonas in Kaushik Velendra

This was an interesting look that she wore to present at the Fashion Awards, but there are no shots of the black pants that go with this rather eye-catching jacket. We just wish the black wasn’t pulling so much.



[Photo Credit: Ariana DeBose/Instagram, Dua Lipa, Instagram, Erica Cloud/Instagram, Heidi Klum/Instagram, Isla Fisher/Instagram Kelly Rowland/Instagram, NBC, Priyanka Chopra Jonas/Instagram, Rob Zangardi/Instagram, Courtesy of AACTA Awards]

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