Billboard Music Awards 2020: Kelly Clarkson Had Herself a Night

Posted on October 16, 2020

Some day, we’re going to have to go back and research when it became de rigueur for awards show hostesses to wear half-a-dozen Big Looks in one night. We’ll never not appreciate the effort, but it seems exhausting to us. And while we salute Miss Kelly’s succession of lewks for her hostessing duties at the Billboard Music Awards, it seems to us that it’s only worth changing your outfit so many times if each new outfit is something new and unexpected. You can tell from the collage above that she stuck pretty closely to one type of look.



This is a great bit of unexpected fun that suits her – the fringe giving it a totally unlikely “country” feel while serving up the appropriate mega-glam for the occasion. One quibble: the shoulders are a bit too accentuated. We were about to say she’s not the girl for a shoulderpad, but some of the other looks had them and she managed them fine. As always in fashion, it comes down to proportions.



The shoulders look great here, but we don’t actually love this dress all that much. She looks fantastic in black and silver, but looking over this selection of gowns, we’d advise her that neutrals and golds aren’t really the best choice for her. They’re always tricky for pale blondes. Even Cate Blanchett tends to stick to silvers when she wants to sparkle.




Second-best dress of the night. She looks spectacular.




This is sort of fun and glamorous, but it looks a lot like clerical vestments. We don’t hate it for her, but it feels like she’s a little overwhelmed by it. The shoulders are too broad and the neckline is too high.




A truly spectacular and pretty much flawless look for her. She really doesn’t do well with a lot of fuss, which is why it’s so confounding that so many of her looks were so fussy. The headpiece is a pretty bold move and our first impulse is to say she doesn’t need it, but we’re so impressed that she tried it.




No. Sorry. Not at all. The fuss factor is off the scale and the textile looks like fancy sheets.




The shape and style are great. We still think gold is not the best choice for her. This in silver would’ve stood out like a firework. Even a sparkly black would’ve been an improvement, but we would’ve loved this in a bold red or other jewel tone, sparkly or not. She shouldn’t be afraid of color because she can work some of the most dramatic with her coloring.




Honestly, we love it. We still think she’s better without fuss, but like the jeweled turban, we’re so impressed that she not only tried this, but pulled it off. There’s still too much going on around the neck and shoulders, but the rest of it is fun and we love that she leaned into the style with that Who-from-Whoville top knot



Style Credits:
Styled by Candice Lambert McAndrews | Hair by Robert Ramos | Makeup by Gloria Elias-Foeillet | Nails by T’sha


[Photo Credit: Todd Williamson/NBC, Christopher Polk/NBC, Rich Polk/NBC]

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