VMA Awards 2020: Lady Gaga Gave Us the Version of 2020 We Need

Posted on August 31, 2020

Thank you Gaga for these blessings which we are about to receive. We are not wor– actually, yes we are, but thank you anyway, Steffi. We missed you more than we realized and we love that you went full-bore on the classic sort of Gaga style we wanted to see this night.

Also: you guys better do some limbering up right now because you will be required to do quite a bit of bowing down over the course of this post.



Bow down to your Jiffy Pop Galactic Empress.

Should we call her Steffy Pop for the remainder of her career? Would that get annoying quickly? Yes and possibly. The shape here is … challenging, let’s say. But we love the texture of it and the fishbowl was a cutely witty attempt to blend her Chromatica era space queen/techno fetish aesthetic with a statement on mask-wearing – and still allow her to serve face for the “red carpet.” Her makeup looks fantastic and we love the mani and rings.



Iris Van Herpen Couture

Bow down to your Space Moth Queen.

We’d argue that Gaga’s succession of outrageous but thematically appropriate masks may come to be seen as a watershed moment in the normalization of them. When a pop star starts blending masks with performance and fashion in a manner that feels statement-making, if not a form of artistic expression – during a widely viewed entertainment event no less – it feels like the culture turning a corner on how we view them.

Anyway, we adore this look for it’s ethereal weirdness and exuberance and we think the mask is a spectacular accompaniment. The boots feel wrong, though. We don’t mind the style. It’s what we’ve come to expect from a classic Gaga look, but we’d have thought a lighter color would integrate better with the look.



Christopher John Rogers

Bow down to your Horn-Mouthed Disney Princess.

This is by far the most conventional look she wore last night, but it made a nice respite from all the cray and reminded everyone that Gaga’s still a diva and a fashion-lover. The color looks fantastic on her and the necklace looks gorgeous, from what we can see of it. Given the conventionality of the look, we wish she’d pulled her hair back or up so we could see it better. And of course, the choice of mask is intentionally jarring, deliberately meant to play against the old-school conservative glamour of the rest of it. It’s punk maskcessorizing.



Valentino Couture

Just bow down, because this is fucking fabulous, every inch of it. A perfect blend of haute couture, pop star realness, personal branding and mask compliance. This is the 2020 we need more of.



Candice Cuoco and Valentino Couture


We really are impressed with the consistency and cohesiveness of her looks over the course of the night. It’s like she and her long time stylist Nicola Formichetti unleashed all the promo looks she would have worn if Chromatica had been released during a less fucked-up 2020. And we are what? GRATEFUL AF FOR THAT. Love the “face armor” thingy, love the outrageousness of the sleeves, which give her not just a wizard vibe, but some sort of techno-priestess/goddess serve. And that could not possibly be more on point for her at this moment. Just a really well-done round of looks that almost approached costume design in the use of symbols or references.



Style Credits:
First Look: Area Silver Metallic Quilted Parka from the Fall 2020 Couture Collection | Conrad Headpiece | Dena Kemp Jewelry | Pleasers Shoes
Second Look: Custom Iris Van Herpen Couture Dress | Cecilio Castrillo Mask and Headpiece | Pleasers Boots
Third Look: Christopher John Rogers Ball Silk Taffeta Skirt and Cropped Blouse from the Fall 2020 Collection | Lance Victor Moore Face Mask | Dena Kemp Earrings | House of Emmanuele Crystal Tribalism Pearl Necklace | Lillian Shalom Rings | German Kabirski Bracelet | Pleasers Shoes
Fourth Look: Valentino Bodysuit and Cape from the Fall 2020 Couture Collection | Maison Met Mask | Dena Kemp Jewelry | Pleasers Shoes
Fifth Look: Custom Candice Cuoco Liquid Chrome Ruffled Winged Train Coat | Valentino Bodysuit from the Fall 2020 Couture Collection | Maison Met Mask | Lance Victor Moore Face Armor | Manuel Albarran Bra and Choker | Lillian Shalom Rings | Dena Kemp Earrings and Bracelets | Pleasers Shoes

Styled by Nicola Formichetti | Hair by Frederic Aspiras | Makeup by Sarah Tanno | Nails by Miho Okawara


[Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/MTV VMAS 2020, Courtesy of Area, Courtesy of Valentino, Christopher John Rogers/Instagram]

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