Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust Meeting

Posted on August 20, 2020

It’s another semi-Royal Zoom meeting and while we can’t tell you how much we’re over these sorts of things (Haven’t we all kind of collectively Zoom-recoiled in recent months?), we’ll take our Sussex where we can get it.


We don’t care what anyone else says. When we see Harry sitting in his California mansion next to his celebrity wife, we see a guy who got exactly what he’s wanted for most of his adult life. Yeah, he can be a bit whiny about it at times. And we have no doubt he’s in the throes of a massive culture shock. And we still think they’ll return to the family fold at some point before their old age (if there’s still a family business to return to), but right now, he’s living the life he wanted.

Style-wise, what is there to say? It feels very relaxed, cazh and minimalist in that SoCal* Sussex sort of way. We can’t wait for the Architectural Digest spread on their digs. You know it’s coming.




*Yes, we know it’s more central than So.




[Stills: The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust]

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