Isabelle Huppert in Giorgio Armani at the Sardinia Film Festival

Posted on July 27, 2020

Kittens! A film festival red carpet! Of sorts! There’s even an international movie star and a major Italian fashion house involved! WE ARE SAVED!!! Now let’s judge.


Aw, we can’t bring ourselves to do it; not really. This isn’t particularly to our tastes, but everything about this setup is so low-key that we wouldn’t feel right doing a style critique. Besides, we’ve covered her enough over the years to know that this is all very much in line with her preferences. She tends to like slightly off-beat pieces with a weird visual interest or sense of drama. Like a French Tilda Swinton almost. The lighting isn’t doing the silk shantung any favors and the skirt unfortunately gives her Gumby legs, but there’s a quiet sort of chicness with the addition of the sunglasses. Welcome back, Madam. We missed you.



Style Credits:
Giorgio Armani Silk Shantung Shirt Dress with Embroidered Flowers

Hair by Massimo Serini | Makeup by Valentina Resca


[Photo Credit: Maurizio D’Avanzo/Abaca/Instarimages.Com,]

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