Virtual Book Tour: T Lo at WBUR’S CitySpace in Boston

Posted on April 01, 2020

Life, the universe and the Fates themselves conspired to ensure that we would NOT get the book tour of our dreams, even though we spent over a year lining up dates. We would have been in New Orleans this past weekend, on Watch What Happens Live last night and at the University of Chicago in a couple of weeks. Alas, they’re all wiped off the calendar because of some silly, annoying worldwide pandemic or something.

In all seriousness, losing a book tour is nowhere near the hardship of losing a job, and despite our disappointment with how things have shaken out, we know we are incredibly lucky compared to what so many others are going through. And we had the extreme benefit not only of a string of high-profile gushing reviews right out of the gate, but a few of our initial tour dates were taped, so we can share them with any kittens who couldn’t come out to see us. A while back we showed you our reading, talk and Q&A at our hometown Philadelphia Free Library, and today we’re pleased and proud to show you our appearance at WBUR’s CitySpace in Boston.



The crowd was large, enthusiastic, welcoming, and rarin’ to go with some very tough and interesting questions. We had such a blast. Yes, Tom cries again. This may be the last tour appearance we make for Legendary Children, so we’re thrilled we can share it. As always, if you’d like to support us by buying a copy, we’d be ever so appreciative, darlings.




[Still: WBUR CitySpace via Tom and Lorenzo – Video Credit: WBUR CitySpace via]

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