Red Carpet Classic Showdown: Billy Porter at the Oscars vs. Billy Porter at the Met Gala

Posted on April 02, 2020


THAT’S RIGHT BITCHES WE WENT THERE.  And we’re using “bitches” in the most loving, fabulously gay way possible. just so you know. As in, “We love you bitches” or “Nobody comes for me and my bitches.”

Yes, it’s time to settle the burning question of which Billy Porter gay fashion moment was the MOST Billy Porter gay fashion moment. Or put more gayly, which bitch served this bitch up the most?


In Christian Siriano at the 2019 Academy Awards


Because we’re just loaded with gay references (you may have heard that we wrote a book on the topic), we can’t help but see both of these ensembles as not only fabulous and historic red carpet moments, but also a tribute to queer artistry and queer artists. It’s not a coincidence that both of these looks were designed by gay designers. We’re not saying a straight person couldn’t make these references, but they hold so much more weight when its queers celebrating queers. This look is not just stunningly rendered and chic; it’s not just a look that defies the idea of the gender binary in fashion. This look resonates deeply because it’s a tribute to Hector Xtravaganza, the ballroom legend who wore it first (and who is memorialized on the back cover of Legendary Children).



In The Blonds at the 2019 Met Gala



It’s not surprising that Billy went as close to full-on drag  (he has vehemently denied being a drag queen and is clear about as cis gay status) for the Met Gala and at the hands of The Blonds. For one, the theme was camp – and what’s campier than a drag queen? For another, The Blonds have always incorporated a drag aesthetic in their work and designer Phillipe Blond routinely ends his runway shows in full drag. We can’t help but see an homage to another queen on the cover of our book, the legendary Sylvester, who also deployed drag motifs in his performing and also vehemently denied he was a drag queen. You can practically hear the disco beat looking at these pictures.

Now. Having outlined all the references and underlying meanings of these looks, we have to say, we do not envy you the choice we’re imposing on you. Which one’s it gonna be, the legendary queen of the balls or the legendary queen of disco?


Billy Porter at the Oscars vs. Billy Porter at the Met Gala

Billy Porter in Christian Siriano
Billy Porter in The Blonds
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Style Credits:
First Look: Custom Christian Siriano Velvet and Satin Tuxedo Jacket and Strapless Ball Gown | Oscar Heyman Jewelry
Second Look: Custom The Blonds Ensemble | Oscar Heyman Jewelry | Andreoli Fine Jewelry | John Hardy Jewelry | Mordekai Jewelry | Custom Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes

Styled by Sam Ratelle


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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