Rosamund Pike in Alexander McQueen at the “Radioactive” London Premiere: IN or OUT?

Posted on March 09, 2020

If we’re being perfectly honest with you, ourselves, and Rosamund Pike, we’d be forced to admit that we’ve had a bit of an issue with her promotional style choices. Okay, fine: we’ve hated pretty much all of it, forever. We feel there comes a point when a star has let us down so many times on the style front that we can’t be trusted to possibly assess them. In short, after years of doing this job, we know for a fact that when we greet a star’s latest red carpet attempt with an exasperated, “What do you have for us this time, Rosamund?!?” It might be time to turn over the opinionating to y’all. Especially since…


This is kind of … interesting and not terrible?

Oh, can we even be trusted at this point? If we don’t visibly wince at it, we’ll consider it a win. You do the work for us:

Rosamund Pike’s Fetish Pantsuit:

IN or OUT?










Style Credits:
Alexander McQueen Red Suit with Leather Belt Detailing from the Fall 2020 Collection



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[Photo Credit: Doug Peters/PA Images/,, – Video Credit: StudiocanalUK via]

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