Cathy Cambridge in Ireland

Posted on March 05, 2020

Hey girly-girls and boys-who-don’t-like-sports! Collect all FIVE “Cathy In Ireland” dolls now! Each comes with a different outfit, suitable for all the tasks that may pop up in your Cathy doll’s day!



Cathy Cambridge in Reiss (Coat)

Why, here comes “I Wore This Coat Ten Years Ago And It Still Fits, Bitches” Cathy!

Sassy! Boot-y! Not one fricking stain!



Cathy Cambridge in Dubarry (Jacket)

Next, we have “Dodging Poo Is Actually A Common Part Of My Job” Cathy!

Sporty! Practical! Also with boot action!



Cathy Cambridge in Oscar de la Renta (Dress)

Look, kids! Here comes “Oh God They’re Going To Compare Me To His Mother Again” Cathy!

Vintage! Ruffles! The 1980s!



Catherine Cambridge in Suzannah (Dress)

Faith and Begorrah! It’s the very popular “Wearin’ O’ The Green” Cathy!

Top o’ the morning! Boots again! Weirdly pleated shoulder action!



Catherine Cambridge in Really Wild (Sweater)

And finally, everyone’s FAVE, the ever-popular, never-goes-out-of-style SPORTY CATHY!

The only Cathy with “I’m actually having a blast right now” action! Also comes with leggings, a jumper, and trainers! PLUS: An American-to-English dictionary that explains what jumpers and trainers are!

Sorry, kittens. We’d give you a more thoughtful analysis, but this post was put together on the Acela to Boston, using spotty Amtrak wi-fi. Drive-by bitchiness is the best we can do while our fabulous little book tour is happening.




[Photo Credit: Aaron Chown/PA Images/, PA Images/, Doug Peters/PA Images/]

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