Bill and Cathy Cambrige Wear ALL the Green in Dublin

Posted on March 03, 2020

Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Cathy are pleased and proud to be the Grand Marshals of the Dublin Saint Patrick’s Day Parade!



No one had the heart to tell them once they got there that there was no parade.

Okay, so let’s ask something that has been brought up before about the Duchess’s state visit style: Is it … we don’t know, gimmicky to show up on Ireland’s doorstep looking like a Shamrock Shake? She’s given to matchiness in her style, but whenever they make an official visit to Ireland, she really leans into the green. A similar question was posed by some fashion writers and royal watchers during the Cambridges’ visit to Pakistan last year, which saw the Duchess sporting a succession of styles that subtly or directly borrowed from local cultural and style motifs.

Honestly, it’s not for us to say as Americans, but it does tend to stand out when they’re photographed with locals, who of course are not dressed like tall leprechauns.





We’re being a bit sassy about this, but despite our dislike of over-matchiness and gimmicky dressing, she looks pretty fantastic. The headband’s an unexpected touch and the dress is gorgeous. So is the coat, but that’s not exactly news. All her coats are gorgeous. She’s like the Cinderella of Coats. Personally, we think it went wrong with the matchy bag and shoes. Black would have been more sophisticated – and we almost never advocate for black accessories.



Style Credits:
Catherine Walker Coat
Alessandra Rich Crepe de Chine Rose Print Pleated Dress with Peplum Detailing Dress from the Spring 2020 Collection
L.K. Bennett Clutch

[Photo Credit: Ian Vogler/Pa Images/, Leah Farrell/Pa Images/, Phil Noble/Pa Images/,]

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