Cate Blanchett in Dries Van Noten at the Berlinale International Film Festival: IN or OUT?

Posted on February 27, 2020

Good Lady Cate continues to make her way through some thickets on her fashion road, so to speak. Allow us to explain that utterly tortured metaphor.


The GLC has always had an actress’s understanding of fashion. By that we mean she innately gets how high fashion can be used in exactly the same way an actress uses costumes to help her build a persona. It’s what separates her and Pope Tilda from a lot of other “merely” stylish actresses. She and Swinton understand how to make fashion even more dramatic than it naturally is. And because Cate is simply innately chic without trying (maybe it’s Maybelline for some, but others really are born with it), a lot of her persona-building looks have also wound up looking like Vogue covers.

Having said all THAT.

It seems to us she’s recently been trying to figure out what she wants fashion to do for her in this period of her career. There’s a sense that she wants to be a bit less rigid and a bit more freely expressive; a bit more Boho and a bit less Vogue. We can support an ongoing evolving style and we think it’s smart of her to look for ways to keep things fresh on the image front, but lately, it really feels like she’s struggling with style for the first time in memory.

This look, to us, feels like it was supposed to come off lightly random and low-key. We don’t mind a tuxedo jacket over a gown. We don’t even mind the gown, although we wouldn’t call it a fave. But between the slightly thrown-together feel, the underwhelming pieces and that hair which is completely NOT working for her … well. Let’s just say we hope the GLC figures things out soon.

Your turn:


Cate Blanchett’s Attempt at Low-Key:

IN or OUT?









Style Credits:
Dries Van Noten Black Silk Embroidered Jacket and Yellow Floral Silk Dress from the Spring 2020 Collection

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart


[Photo Credit: Stoccy/DDP/, Christopher Tamcke/DDP/, – Video Credit: ABC TV & iview via]

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