SAG Awards 2020: The Cast of “Schitt’s Creek”

Posted on January 21, 2020


Spend a moment with everyone’s favorite extended family – who all tend to clean up surprisingly well.



Dustin Milligan

HellO, sir!

The beard and the glasses: totally doing it for us. The dingy shoes: totally not.



Catherine O’Hara in Marc Jacobs

At first we weren’t sure about the color, but she looks so light, sparkly and glamorous. It makes a great change from all the Moira-like blacks she’s been sporting of late. It’s a good thing to remind folks you’re not your character, especially when you’ve stopped work on that character. She looks fantastic.



Eugene Levy in Hugo Boss

Some folks are late bloomers, but Eugene’s “I got hot at seventy” turn may just be a record-breaker. Turns out, you need to age into those eyebrows.



Sarah Levy in Alexia Maria

Tasteful and elegant, if a little low-key. An up do and some diamonds would’ve finished this off.



Jennifer Robertson

Conversely, a blowout would’ve done wonders here. She also could’ve used some more showy jewelry.



Emily Hampshire in J. Mendel

She’s been hitting that “I’m not my character” button pretty hard with her style choices lately. The severe hair does nothing for it, but the dress is lovely.



Dan Levy in Dior Homme

A gorgeously stylish salute to the Rose family. He looks spectacular. Love his sense of proportion.



Annie Murphy in Christian Dior

ALEXIS ROSE! Look at you, working the shit outta that Dior, like you were born to do! Turns out, Boho Chic is totally her style sweet spot, although that was always pretty obvious, given Alexis’ style preferences, which skew that way.



Noah Reid

Guys, you can’t just dig out your old dress shoes if you’re doing formalwear on a red carpet. Those things look horrible.





[Photo Credit: Hahn Lionel/ABACA/, Sara De Boer/, Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Turner]


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