Rose Byrne in Christian Wijnants and Marco de Vincenzo at “Good Morning America”

Posted on January 10, 2020

Miss Rose is here serving you the ultimate in peachy keen.  Which is a much nicer way of saying it than our original opening line of “Rose Byrne is peaching this shit up.”


You’ve gotta admit, that’s a whole lotta peach. This is a color we loathe with the white-hot intensity of a dwarf star so you’re gonna have to take our assessment here with a massive grain of salt. To be fair, color aside, we don’t really hate anything going on here, although we don’t know why you’d wear such a blocky cut of suit over such a fitted bodysuit. We keep seeing light or bright pointy-toed boots with pantsuits lately. Is this a thing? We guess we like it although we have yet to see an attempt that really wowed us.



Style Credits:
Marco de Vincenzo Georgette Bodysuit with Large Bow
Christian Wijnants Suit from the Spring 2020 Collection

Styled by Beth Fenton | Hair by Harry Josh | Makeup by Maud Laceppe


[Photo Credit: DARA KUSHNER/,,]

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