Kirkus Says “Legendary Children” is “Informative, Entertaining … with Equal Amounts of Insight and Wit”

Posted on January 03, 2020

Because we believe the first post of the New Year should have that positive-af energy we’re hoping to ride for the rest of the year:

“Informative, entertaining, melodramatic in its obsessiveness, and written with equal amounts of insight and wit, the book serves as a commemorative archive of drag in American life. Younger LGBTQ readers and RuPaul devotees will most appreciate the authors’ dedication to accurately chronicling the movement, detailing how race and gender blend harmoniously within the drag culture, and the minute details of a colorful and often controversial show that continues to mature.”

We love the smell of a good review in the morning, kittens. By all means, go and read the whole thing. God knows we have. About two million times now.

Say, have you pre-ordered this witty, insightful mutha yet?

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