Posted on January 27, 2020

Darlings, we’re less than four weeks away from book launch (and we’ll be announcing tour dates in the next day or two DONE, check our tour date schedule here), but there’s some pre-pub date business that needs to be taken care of. We’ve mentioned this on the last few podcasts, but it’s time to be a bit louder about it. In short, if you’re a bookseller, we want to send you a copy of our book. We love it that much and we love the work you guys do even more. So if you’re a bookseller anywhere in the United States and you’d love to get your hot little hands on the book Kirkus called “Informative, entertaining, melodramatic in its obsessiveness, and written with equal amounts of insight and wit,” and Cosmopolitan named one of the best new books of 2020, please email us (tlo at tomandlorenzo dot com), subject line: BOOKSELLER, with your name, the name of your store and its address, and you’ll be on the hottest list in town! We don’t know which town, just go with us on this.

Also, if you’re NOT a bookseller and just a person with exquisite taste who needs to get their hands on this book ASAP, enter our Book Giveaway HERE and get yourself some, kittens!

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