Style File: Alison Brie in Zimmermann and Orseund Iris

Posted on August 14, 2019

Alison. Miss Brie. Miss Alison Brie. Girl.

We need to have a talk.


Alison Brie in Zimmermann at BUILD Series

This is just … awkward. Taken on its own, the dress is simply too much, from the plunging neckline to the safari belt to the outer pockets to the ruffled hem. The color’s not really all that friendly to her either, although the deep red lip probably isn’t helping matters. In similar fashion, neither of the accessory choices show any real coordination with the dress. It all feels random and ill suited to her. She can do cute/sexy – she’s perfect for it, in fact – but she absolutely never seems to show up in a look that gets those qualities just right for her.

To be fair, this is going to seem like a style masterstroke in a second.


Alison Brie in Orseund Iris at “Glow” Q&A Event

Fucking yikes on toast.

We’re not going to rag on the design too hard. There’s an argument that each of these pieces could be kind of fun and cute paired with something else. But there’s also the fact that the shiny finish and flimsiness of the textile make this look awfully cheap in photographs. Once again, if we had to describe her style issue as succinctly as possible: she’s doing the absolute wrong kind of cute/sexy for her. Also: she’s often in ensembles that simply don’t take a great picture.




Style Credits:
First Look: Zimmermann Dress from the Resort 2020 Collection | Boyy Bag | Christian Louboutin ‘Sandale du Desert’ Sandals
Second Look: Orseund Iris ‘Le Club’ Polka Dot Top and Matching Ruched Skirt | Chloe Gosselin Shoes

Styled by Erin Walsh | Hair by Rebekah Forecast | Makeup by Quinn Murphy


[Photo Credit: INSTARimages,, Courtesy of Zimmermann,,]

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