“Legendary Children” Named as One of The Best New Books of 2020 by Cosmopolitan

Posted on December 17, 2019


You heard us! And yes, kitten! We did almost pass out!

Listen, all congrats to Rachel Maddow and every other author on the list. Cheers to you all and may you all have a fantastic year ahead BUT OHMIGOD YOU GUYS! LET’S MAKE THIS ALL ABOUT US RIGHT NOW!

What a spectacular way for us to close out a year that’s been personally trying and professionally and creatively fulfilling in ways we couldn’t have imagined. GOD, we can’t wait for all y’all to have this book in your hands.

Which reminds us…



You HAVE pre-ordered it, right? No? By all means, let us help you out with a link. Just a gentle, loving, only slightly desperate-in-tone reminder from TWO OF THE HOTTEST AUTH your ol’ pals and favorite relentless whores T Lo. We have not yet begun to shamelessly poledance for this little baby of ours, so strap yourselves in, darlings.




[Picture Credit: Kate Buckleitner for Cosmopolitan]

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