Pop Style Opinionfest: Opulence! Disney Owns Everything!

Posted on November 15, 2019

It’s our usual collection of opinions on drag queens this week, darlings, but before we get into all that sparkle and nonsense, we felt compelled to discuss:

The impeachment hearings! No, not really. If anything, it’s the last thing we want to discuss, but in our line of work, we have to pay special attention to which way the zeitgeist is blowing when seemingly everyone’s attention is focused in one direction and you’re over here trying to get them interested in a discussion on celebrity accessorizing. Also…

The Sussex Holiday plans! Harry and Megs are skipping town and for the life of us, we can’t understand why anyone would be upset over such a thing. But suddenly, everyone’s got an opinion on how one of the Queen’s many grandchildren is supposed to spend his Christmas and as per the uzh, people are losing their heads over every little thing those two do. Having said that, they do tend to stoke the fires a bit.

And the big story of the week: Disney Plus! Which everyone wouldn’t shut up about! We check in on the Mandalorian, but we’re honestly not sure if it’s enough to keep us as subscribers after the trial period ends. We’re a bit more concerned with how the culture is becoming both narrower and more splintered as a smaller and smaller handful of billionaires exert near total control over our cultural history.

Heady stuff! But don’t worry, we also have plenty to say about last night’s episode of Drag Race UK. This one gets spoilery but we give you all plenty of warning ahead of time if you want to check out before hearing who the final three queens are.



Thanks for listening, dolls!


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