Friday Leftovers for the Week of November 10th, 2019

Posted on November 15, 2019

Kittens, for once, we’re going to cut these folks some slack. Our leftovers platter is heaped unusually high this week; not because all of these folks failed to rate a first look, but because your ol’ pals T Lo spent most of the week playing catchup and never quite, well, catching up. So let’s not prejudge these folks as failures, just this once, okay?



Alicia Keys

Having said that, this is clearly a disaster.



Ana de Armas in Chanel Couture

It’s pretty enough and certainly on trend, but she looks like one of those little porcelain dolls with a bell under her skirt.



Angelica Ross, Laverne Cox and Trace Lysette

These ladies did not come quietly. While we applaud the boldness, we can’t really sign off on Laverne’s “dress.” Angelica must still be feeling her ‘8os best with the conclusion of American Horror Story: 1984, because that is some seriously 80s-looking mall fashion. Can’t say we’re a hundred percent on her look either. Trace’s look isn’t entirely to our tastes, but it’s well-coordinated and she looks pretty great in it. So long as we ignore the “pants.”



Awkwafina in Bella Freud

Cute. Maybe a little on the “realtor” side.



Awkwafina in Missoni

Very cute. We suspect this looks much better in person. Those colors don’t photograph well.




Camila Cabello in Alexander McQueen

Yikes on toast. Honey, no.




Christina Hendricks

Every once in a while, she heads back to Joan Holloway on the red carpet.



Daniel Craig

We are loathing this extreme cut of double-breastedness we keep seeing in men’s suiting. He can make us forgive a lot, and he’s definitely close to pulling it off, but that button looks absurdly placed to our eyes.



D’Arcy Carden

Ooof. The style is a bit mumsy and church-clothes-y, but that weirdly twisted and tortured bodice is the worst part.



Drew Barrymore

This all seems on point for Drew.



Emma Thompson

And this definitely seems on point for wacky Aunt Emma. Even so, we refuse to sign off on those ridiculous pants.



Gigi Hadid in Helmut Lang

The simplest, easiest design in the world for her and she screws it up with the footwear choice. We realize the CMAs call for some shit-kicker action, but they absolutely don’t go with the dress.



Jamie Lee Curtis

Again, not crazy about the boot action, but we have no issue with anything else going on here.



Katherine Langford in Valentino

Meh. Seems to us if you’re getting access to Valentino merch, you’d want something a little less generic than this.



Keke Palmer in Cong Tri

Hunh. We thought the mini-with-a-train trend had died, but it’s still got some life in it. The print is interesting, which helps.



Lili Reinhart in Rodarte

It’s okay, but we think Kirsten Dunst would know much better how to work a dress like this.



Lizzy Caplan in Chloé

It’s an okay dress elevated by how good the color looks on her and how great her hair and makeup look.



Miranda Lambert in Tony Ward

Works for her in that Country Barbie sort of way, although we really don’t like the fussiness of that slit.



Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick, we love you forever, but not even you can make a man-train (in the non-porn sense of the term) work.



Reese Witherspoon

Reese is very sorry for your family’s loss and is here to talk about coffin options when you’re ready.



Reese Witherspoon in Versace

This Reese, however, is just here to have a little fun, y’all. She seems to be in a very funereal mood this week, but at least this one’s got a little sass, even if it is kind of generic for Versace.



Ricky Martin

We have no complaints. Goodness, no.



Sofia Carson in Giambattista Valli Couture

We feel like these ridiculous explosions of ruffle-ry are good in the long run; like the extreme dying gasps of a trend before it goes away for a good long while. Hope springs eternal.





[Photo Credit: ABC/Image Group LA, INSTARimages, NBC]

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