Pop Style Opinionfest: Sloppy Queens and Working Duchesses

Posted on October 18, 2019


Darlings, after downing gallons of coffee, we shoo’d away the cats, flipped on the mics, and performed our usual Friday morning opinionspew. First up, a gushing but largely spoiler free (in terms of the outcome) recap of last night’s “Posh for a Penny” episode of Drag Race UK. The issue of presentation and polish is becoming more prominent as a runway challenge led to some of the rougher styles of drag getting some very American-based criticisms and we hash all that mess out. Plus, a rundown of the personalities, which are all fighting for dominance. Who’s the bitch? Who’s the clown? Who’s the sweet one (none of them really)?

After that, it’s off to a discussion of higher ranking British royalty. Cathy Cambridge! What does her universally praised royal tour style say about her? What do we think of the question of cultural appropriation? Then… Meghan Markle! What did we think of THIS?


Oh, yes. We had things to say.






And finally, Tom goes all-nerd for a non-spoiler review of Watchmen and how its shocking boldness and swing for the fences makes it one of the more exciting things happening in TV right now. We’re recapping this one and we recommend it.




PLUS: for NO REASON WHATSOEVER, a discussion of the merits of COFFEE vs. TEA. Scintillating stuff! Hope you can handle it!

And as always, thank you for listening, kittens. Tell all your friends and enemies about us!



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