Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Gucci at the “Motherless Brooklyn” Rome Film Festival Premiere: IN or OUT?

Posted on October 18, 2019

Sometimes we throw a really challenging or even downright ugly outfit at you, put it up to a vote and say, “Here! Defend THIS!” But other times, we’ll throw something undeniably pretty at you and ask “But is it chic?” This being a Miss Gugu post, we’re sure you can predict which of those two questions are currently being asked of you.



Here’s the thing as we see it: it’s lovely, but it feels a little off. We don’t normally mind a black-and-blue color story (we know some folks think the two colors should never be paired), but we do think it’s not a great combination for a gown. There’s something a little weird about business-suit colors being rendered in such a whimsical sort of way. And while we love a great “starry night” style gown, we think the embellishments in the bodice are overwrought and the ones in the skirt come too close to children’s book illustrations. It’s a design that tries to straddle the line between childlike preciousness and grown-up sophistication and we don’t think it quite manages either. One more thing: if you take away all the sparkle and just look at the shape of the dress, it’s as basic as a Halloween costume. Yes, it’s pretty. Yes, she’s gorgeous. But is this really chic and well-designed? Put another way…


Gugu’s Darkly Sparkly:

IN or OUT?




Style Credits:
Gucci Crystal-embellished Off-the-shoulder Gown from the Pre-Fall 2019 Collection
Rupert Sanderson Shoes

Styled by Leith Clark

[Photo Credit: Marco Provvisionato/IPA/, Courtesy of Gucci]

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