Pop Style Opinionfest: Queens High and Joker’s Wild

Posted on October 04, 2019


Kittens, we may not be playing with a full deck most days, but there were queens, jacks and jokers all over this podcast.

Okay, that was terrible. We’re not even dads but that was the worst dadjoke of all time. Anyway, our point: We batted around a few of the items on the cultural zeitgeist this week. Yes, we had more to say regarding our evolving thoughts on Prince Harry’s lawsuit and statement to the press this week. On the one hand, it’s hard not to see where he’s coming from. On the other hand, there’s that old adage about not picking a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.

BUT, before we get to all that royal drama, it was time for us gleefully dive into a very different sort of royal Brit. The first episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK aired on BBC and in America, you can watch it with a subscription to WOW Presents Plus. Next week, this episode will air in America on LOGO. This presents a conundrum as to how to cover it, because there was no way we spent the last year walking on a Drag Race book and NOT have a few things to say about the latest iteration. Here’s how our Drag Race UK coverage will go: Every Friday, we’ll do a non-spoiler (no reveal of the top and bottom queens or any drama that unfolds) review of the previous day’s new episode on our podcast, which we will then follow up with a written recap after the episode airs on LOGO a week later. Anyway, long story short: this was a FABULOUS inaugural episode. It’s exactly the same in format to the OG, but there’s no denying just how different it is when all the references and cultural allusions are British.

And finally, we address the controversies swirling around the Joker movie, from director Todd Phillips trolling to the over-reaction from various corners about the film’s power, meaning or potential. Lots to unpack, but it all mostly comes down to “Could everyone please take things down a notch?”




Just the usual happy bullshit, darling!. Offered in the sincere hope that it’s entertaining bullshit, at least. Thank you for shoveling through it!


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