Natasha Lyonne in Rodarte at the 2019 InStyle Awards

Posted on October 22, 2019

We said that Miss Kiki was the most well suited celebrity for wearing Rodarte, but we spoke too soon. There is one other. And she sure as hell doesn’t wear this brand like anyone else does.


Miss Natasha loves to wear her clothes big, ruffled, and dramatic as hell. And somehow these choices always seem to work best for her when we’re pretty sure they’d be considered mistakes on almost anyone else. It occurs to us that we make similar comments practically everyday about at least one pairing of celebrity and garment, but the longer we do this job, the more we realize good public celebrity style shouldn’t just look good and shouldn’t just make a statement, but it should be singular and on-brand for the celebrity wearing at. So when we see a celebrity really nailing a look that seems almost impossible to pull off, we tend to think it works because she leaned into her own singular style preferences.

We hate peach. We hate an abundance of ruffles. We hate when a dress has too many elements. And we don’t tend to think fashion works if it looks like it’s overwhelming the wearer. And yet here we are, loving every bit of this. We might quibble with the bag and belt choices, but they’re not so wrong that they ruin the look for us. She looks great and she looks like she damn well knows it.



Style Credits:
Rodarte Ruffle Dress with Belt

Styled by Cristina Ehrlich

[Photo Credit: Getty Images for InStyle,]

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