Pop Style Opinionfest: Influencer Drama, Drag Queens, Downton Abbey and Chris March

Posted on September 13, 2019


For this installment of T Lo’s Chat Time, we’re once again all over the map. What can we say? It was that kind of week.

First, a small tribute to Project Runway alum and legendary costume designer Chris March, who passed away this week after a long illness. We didn’t really know Chris well, but we had several meaningful interactions with him over the years and it was more than obvious that he was beloved and will be missed. RIP, SissyBear.

Next, Lorenzo urges you to watch Netflix’s Unbelievable:




We’ll have a formal review of it next week. Lorenzo loved it – with reservations.

Then we talk a bit about our time at Drag Con, including the story behind this picture with Willam:


(And even a little bit about why you might’ve noticed we’re popping up more in pictures.)

After that, it’s a skip over to the latest kerfuffle out there in the culture; this time having to do with influencer culture. Yes, we’re talking about that Caroline Calloway article at The Cut. And why wouldn’t we? It feels like everyone else has weighed in. For our parts, we have some thoughts on the very idea of the influencer – and believe it or not, we’re in stark disagreement at times. We touch a bit on Calloway herself, but for specific reasons, we tried to keep our judgment to a minimum. This is a messy story.

And finally, we gush a little bit more in an ever-so-slightly spoilery way about Downton Abbey, the movie:






Our review this week was completely spoiler-free and we can’t even say we give much away in this discussion. It doesn’t spoil much more than the trailer shows you and we promise the endings of the film aren’t even touched upon. Just a little more about what Violet’s facing, what Barrow’s facing and how some of the plotlines echo earlier ones in the series. Plus, lots of queening out about the gowns and the jewels.




The usual hodge-podge of topics from us. Thank you for listening!


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[Photo Credit: Chris March/Facebook, Netflix, Focus Features – Video Credit: Focus Features via YouTube.com, Netflix via YouTube.com]


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