Pop Style Opinionfest: Putting Cancel Culture on Hold

Posted on August 09, 2019

Oooooh, girl! We got a little HEADY with our topics this week! You better pour yourself a cup of something before we get started, because T & Lo went WIDE and DEEP on this week’s topic.

In truth, while there’s a loose theme about “cancel culture” tying most of the various points of discussion together, it’s really a little broader than that. We talk about Out magazine EIC Phillip Picardi’s scathing callout of the fashion industry this morning for considering allying with  Trump fundraiser Stephen Ross and how it arose out of or was written in response to online outrage from Equinox Gym and Soulcycle members organizing a boycott/cancellation spree upon the news that part owner Ross was holding a major fundraiser for the president in the Hamptons. THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION ABOUT THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION. Instead, we talk about all the good and bad ways online rage has been harnessed lately, from #MeToo to haranguing randoms for saying the wrong thing. We both come out this from slightly different angles, even though we’re in agreement on the basics.

And while there are both good and bad sides to cancel culture, we’re a bit horrified to see the effect it’s had on cultural criticism, with the prime example being Time magazine counting all of the words in every Quentin Tarantino movie because online rage had made it a clickbaity sort of thing to do. We have more than a few things to say about THAT and in order to do so, we have to dive straight into the spoiler pool to talk about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood‘s ending and explain why we think counting words is a truly awful way to approach any discussion of film.




All this, plus LORENZO’S TV CORNER! Lo runs down his recent obsessions Derry Girls and Ozark and offers a few thoughts on a few other things that caught his eye lately. See? It’s not all super-serious this week, darlings. Thank you for listening to silly ol’ us once again!


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