Emily Ratajkowski Takes her Dog for a Walk

Posted on August 05, 2019

Miss Emily, we salute you heartily, girl. You are upholding a tradition as old as Hollywood, as phony as a cardboard credit card, and as transparent as a glass of water. For who among us has not dressed thusly when planning on coming into physical contact with dog shit?


We don’t even care that you popped a few buttons along the way. The point was to look as photo-ready as possible even while doing the most ludicrous and mundane of things. We always think of Joan Crawford, who was the absolute queen of being photo-ready even if she was just mopping her kitchen for the cameras. It’s an old and sometimes silly practice; a form of celebrity self-promotion that dates back a century, but we’re happy to see it still being practiced. You scoop that poop in your tight white dress, blowut, and beat-to-the-gods face, Miss Thing. We’re here for it. Auntie Joan is smiling down from … wherever she is right now.




Style Credits:
– The Line by K ‘HarperRacerback Stretch-cotton Dress with Pearlized Shell Buttons
– Jennifer Fisher ‘Mini Hailey’ Hoop Earrings
– Jennifer Meyer ‘Good Luck’ Charm Necklace
– Mango Faux Leather Belt Bag
– Adidas ‘Everyn‘ Sneakers


[Photo Credit: INSTARimages, net-a-porter.com, adidas.com, mango.com]

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