Christian Dior Fashion Show Front Row

Posted on July 02, 2019

The Dior front row was a parade of celebrity ladies in dramatic prints but subdued colors. We want to be bitchy about this because like so much of our bitchery, it’s rooted in the insane jealousy we feel that these ladies got to sit front row at a Dior couture show,  but we have to admit, these are some pretty fabulous looks all around. Not perfect, mind you. This is where our judging skills come in handy.



Elisabeth Moss

We hate the way the skirt and the top fail to marry well, This is a super-tough print and design to pull off, but if the seams were a little less obtrusive and the placement of the prints matched, this could be dramatic. She’s not the right gal for such drab browns, though.



Gal Gadot

LOVE. We could quibble with the shape of the neckline and the sleeves, but the colors, shape and textiles all look amazing on her.




Jenna Coleman

It’s got a bit of an unfortunate upholstery feel and we’re not sure it needs such a heavy belt, but the silhouette looks great on her.




Shailene Woodley

As much as we tend not to like capes or cape-like elements paired with short hems, this is pretty sharp on her. Most of her style lately is extremely leg-focused, which can get pretty tired fairly quickly, but this is fresh and unexpected. Love the buttons.





[Photo Credit: Getty Images for Dior]

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