Céline Dion at the Schiaparelli Fashion Show in Paris

Posted on July 01, 2019

Stand back, everyone. Madame Céline is here and she’s Doing a Fashion. Give her some space so she can display her plumage properly and not have to worry about slicing anyone with her high style.


We are not here to rate or question Madame Céline’s Doing of Fashion. It is above and beyond such concerns. When the good Madame Does a Fashion, we are all compelled, nay duty-bound, to sit down, accept the gift, and let it wash over us. Does the footwear make any kind of sense? Is the wearing of elbow-length gloves in Paris in July really called for? Can she get WiFi on that thing? These are not questions worth pondering or consider. Here is what is true and all that matters: Madame Céline’s Fashion, it is Done. The gift has been received. We thank her for her bountiful Presence.






[Photo Credit: INSTARimages]

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