Netflix’s “Stranger Things” Season 3 Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on July 01, 2019

A salute, darlings! To the television cast with the highest number of adventurous dressers and style risk-takers! A celebration of their sense of color, their sense of fun, and their sometimes all-too-hilarious style failures!

Okay, we’re just teasing on that last one. The cast of Stranger Things – largely because of its youth in relation to most other TV casts – really is one of the most stylish on TV. You regularly see these kids in some fairly eclectic and difficult-to-work high fashion. Compare and contrast with, say… the Riverdale cast, which only has one or two risk-takers and mostly hews to a conventional sort of red carpet fashion. We’re just saying. These kids don’t always get it right, but we respect the game they’re playing. The grownups? Well… bless their hearts.




Caleb McLaughlin in Pyer Moss and Kenneth Nicholson

LOVE. The proportions strike us as a bit impossible for most, but he can almost make them work. We just wish the t-shirt was untucked.



Cara Buono in Cristina Ottaviano

It just keeps getting worse as you scroll down. And it didn’t even start off that great.



Charlie Heaton in Dior Homme

We can see the quality and fineness of the items from here, but it’s all a bit too sparse and Amish for us. Lighten up, son. It’s fashion.



Dacre Montgomery

This getup is vaguely ridiculous but we’d argue this guy is doing a bangup job of really leaning into his looks. He was built for this sort of flamboyant sleaze. He needs a big ugly medallion.




David Harbour

It’s a nice suit. We have no real issue with it except we don’t think it’s the best use of his big bearly image. Hipster Lumberjack is your look, sir.



Finn Wolfhard in Saint Laurent

And “Lead Singer” is yours, sir. But you clearly don’t need us to tell you that.



Gaten Matarazzo

This is all kind of goofily put together and the neon does nothing for him.




Joe Keery in Fendi

No to the goofy-ass jacket. Not with the porn producer shirt underneath. Too far apart in style.




Millie Bobby Brown in Rodarte

Her team either dresses her like a Vogue cover or dresses her like a birthday cake. This is cute, we guess. It’s just a bit too precious for us. It’s borderline “child pageant.”




Natalia Dyer in Dior Couture

We don’t like whatever’s going on up around her shoulders, but we really like the rest of this. It’s got this light punk-vintage undertone that really works for her.



Noah Schnapp in Fendi

FANTASTIC look. And he’s one of the few here who doesn’t look like he’s trying.




Sadie Sink in Prada

It’s … perfectly Prada. And by that we mean that it’s vaguely sweet and sort of pretty but ultimately too awkward in design. The sheer cape thing is terrible. The matchy pink accessories are too Barbie.



Winona Ryder

We would never try to wave her away from the Gen-X Goth that defines her style, but there’s got to be more for a gorgeous and charismatic actress than a plain black funeral dress, right? Go full-on Lydia Deetz-spooky, lady. This half-assed funeral-wear is not doing it for you.




[Photo Credit: INSTARimages]

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